Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a map service from Apple that was launched in September 2012 with the company's own operating system iOS 6. It replaced on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch offering Google Maps. Since OS X Mavericks, it is also pre-installed on the Mac.


In June 2012, Apple announced at WWDC on the introduction of a separate map service, which should be released with iOS 6. The maps that were previously provided by Google Inc. available and integrated into the corresponding mobile app should be replaced by a completely new deal. Besides the representation of a two-dimensional maps and aerial maps, Apple introduced with a flyover called function, with the help of which users can move in a three-dimensional image of selected cities. In addition, Apple Maps enables navigation by car.

After the presentation of Apple Maps was announced that TomTom serves as a supplier of maps and other information for Apple Maps. In addition to navigation data, these include, for example, include information on so-called points of interest, for example, the location of a restaurant. In contrast to the previously included in iOS Google Maps service Apple Maps is largely based on vector graphics allowing a lossless zooming.


After release of the final version, saw Apple Maps of criticism, the maps contain numerous errors and is less faithful than other services. For example, lacked the pedestrian area in the old town of Göttingen completely, even the Statue of Liberty was not displayed correctly. In landscape mode, the representation of roads and buildings was partially incorrect. Magazine called on their readers to communicate the most bizarre errors and put on photo shoots. A separate Tumblr blog compares maps, routing and display errors with the competition cards.

Apple CEO Tim Cook late September apologized officially for the problems with Apple Maps and pointed to the availability of other mapping services from Google, Nokia or Microsoft. At the same time he announced to improve the quality of the maps with increasing spread. In addition, the App Store, an additional category was created that summarizes the alternatives to Apple Maps.

Beginning in October 2012, Apple has begun to unlock first public improvements to the map service. This included, for example, a three-dimensional model of the Statue of Liberty, which was previously seen only as a shadow. The Group has also asked customers and employees to assist in improving the service by using the feedback feature of the app.

With iOS 6.1 Apple placed the button to report a problem more prominent, so that you can more easily contribute to the improvement of the cards.