Archivradio (Germany)

The SWR2 Archive Radio is a company founded with the support of the German Broadcasting Archives (DRA ) Internet Radio Southwest Broadcasting Company, which sends historically significant sound recordings of German radio archives and other audio stocks since the fall of 2007.

  • 2.1 Early tests with Internet streams
  • 2.2 First concept
  • 2.3 Tuning


Educational mission

The program is jointly responsible as part of the educational program of the Cultural Radio SWR2 and can be received only through the Internet, hence the name: " The knowledge Documentary Channel on the Internet". Target group of the program are notably " pupils in higher grades, students, teachers, university professors and journalists ," meaning " online radio listeners affinity " with a keen interest in contemporary issues. The end of 2010 was the SWR2 Archive Radio the three-step test in which it the " public value " has been certified according to the Broadcasting Act: The program has a typical public service orientation and provides a more in education for the general public.

The archive contains no radio advertising.

Free format

Because the archive radio not to formats such as hourly news is bound, it is considered as free-form radio. One of its basic premises, to send raw uncut as possible - technically precise: to stream it. This audio material can be made of historically important radio broadcasts, interviews, event recordings, reports, parliamentary debates and discussions, all of which deal with a specific thematic focus. Passes between the individual archive excerpts a brief moderation set each next take. The archive contains no radio commentary of the original sounds; einordnendes historical background material alone provides the corresponding website. There are also deals on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to get in touch with the listeners on this path.

The editorial staff in Baden -Baden, in cooperation with archivists of the SWR and in coordination with the German Broadcasting Archives at each new thematic focus, which are then streamed usually several weeks around the clock in an endless loop. For legal reasons, the single original colors can not be offered for download. With his basic concept of the archive radio differs significantly from other radio programs.

Original sounds

The sounds come from largely the archives of the ARD broadcasting organizations and the German broadcast archive, but the archive radio also entered new territory by first streamed original recordings from the master home - process or the sound archives of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records ( Stasi ) - of the existence of master home tapes was known up to this publication nothing, the publications of the Stasi bands belong to the BStU efforts to work through historical audio material and to publish in an orderly fashion.

To announce each new topics Archive radios and classify content, the editors 'knowledge' since October 2010, radiates in the radio program SWR2 special broadcasts for Radio archive from the " Archive Radio interviews ". The authors of the Archives radios there to present their work and the content of the upcoming Archive radio program. This overview shows are available as audio files for viewing on the Internet. The archive radio served as a nucleus for other projects, such as the WDR features through the master home - process (2009, German Audio Book Prize ) and the East German espionage trial against Elli Barczatis and Karl Lawrence ( " guillotine for Daisy ", Feature Price of Foundation Radio Basel 2012).

Mouthpiece of the archivists

Because understands the archive radio as a platform to open up the archives and as a bridge between the public and the departments for documentation in the ARD radio stations and the German broadcast archive, archivists and information specialists are here to speak for themselves. This - also unabridged - Interviews hot "Archive conversations ". For example, chatted on the occasion of the archive radio equipment with original sounds from the Stasi bands Maximilian Schönherr with Katri Jurich and Elke Steinbach of the BStU about their archival work, including how they exotic recording media (such Tondrähte ) still find players to to save the old recordings and digitizing. In another interview archive tells Georg cushion, historian and archivist in the Documentation in the SWR Stuttgart, of the origin and archive of a special tape recorder, which the archive Radio " in 1977 30 years German Autumn" sent at the center of gravity in full length. On the occasion of the archive radio centroid "China in the historic original audio " reports the director of the Documentation word at Deutsche Welle, Diana Redlich, from the state of their archive and specifically the origin of four tapes with Petra Kelly, Franz Josef Strauss, Eugen Gerstenmaier and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker who speak out about the opening of the people's Republic of China.


Early tests with Internet streams

The SWR2 Radio Archive goes back to an idea of ​​broadcast journalists Maximilian Schönherr. In 2003 he learned in an interview for the WDR program " wording " two programmers and web designers, Hans and Hartmut Landwehr know in Haan, who had just installed a broadband Internet connection and searched by content, for streaming as a test. Among the participants of the experiment already included the Wandelweiser Edition, a group of experimental E- musicians who sent silence above all. Schönherr dined a few hours original sounds from his private interview and sound collection, could be signed by an English programmer a plug-in to make his website the title of the currently playing audio file visible.

First concept

After this easy test stream from for months repetitive, about 12 hours long O sound material he worked with the feature - film director Nikolai von Koslowski the concept of an Internet radio station for the ARD, which would stream uncut original sounds from broadcasting archives. The station began at that time with the streams of their aerial programs, so just stepped into the world of internet radio. With his concept of a "German radio archive " occurred Schönherr, who was familiar with the radio archives from his journalistic work here, closer to the head of the German Broadcasting Archive, Hans -Gerhard Stülb. Stülb supported the project.


The idea needed an ARD station where the archive radio andstaying editorially and technically. When WDR director Fritz Pleitgen the idea came in 2006 to interest, but held its media officer, Rüdiger Malfeld them. Unattractive and unfeasible for When SWR, however, the idea immediately fell on fertile ground. The station had just established a Commission for a "Knowledge Channel ", in which it came to additional services for the Internet. The head of the Science Department on the radio ( SWR2 ), Detlef Clas, the idea of ​​the archive radio brought here, put links to the head of the documentation in the SWR, Michael Harms, Georg upholstery, a historian and archivist at the SWR Stuttgart, the radio director of the SWR, Bernard Herrmann, and the online editorial forth in Baden -Baden. Within a short time was in the spring and summer of 2007 under the direction of Schönherr the first prototype, a 24- hour stream with uncut original tones at 30 years " German Autumn " of 1977, the sample phase of the -. Then " SWR2 Archive Radio" - called project ended in late 2010 with successful completion of the three-step test.


So far, the following topics were discussed:

  • 2007: 30 years of German autumn and the Red Army Faction
  • 2008: various topics of contemporary history since the Second World War, particularly China
  • 2009: Time history from the 1990s
  • The German Federation of 1989/1990
  • Turkey
  • 60 Years of German - German history
  • Konrad Zuse - Inventor of the computer and
  • History of radio in original tones
  • The " Stasi bands ' tapes that had been contracted by the State Security Service of the GDR
  • Chernobyl nuclear disaster
  • During the World Women's Championship 2011: pioneers of the sport
  • Tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001
  • A brief history of radio: sound files for German radio history
  • Chernobyl and Fukushima: About the end of nuclear power in Germany
  • Martin Walser in broadcasting
  • The history of the ecology movement
  • 35 years German Autumn
  • Great moments in science
  • First German Writers' Congress, Berlin 1947, 13 Hours Original recording
  • The Stasi Bands: recordings from the archives of the Ministry for State Security
  • The Elysee Treaty - 50 years of German - French friendship
  • The history of the ecology movement
  • The History of Transportation
  • German Years: Radio documents from the 1950s
  • The Stasi Bands: The DDR - 1953 Criminal Procedure against the Professor of Mining Otto Fleischer in the original
  • 90 years radio in Germany
  • The First World War. Audio recordings from the years 1914-18


The SWR2 Archive Radio is a pure Webchannel. The reception is directly possible via the website or via a web radio streaming LIVE. In the linear radio program SWR2 the sound files are in the form of annotated talk- presented (archive radio interview). The programs are also offered through the library of the SWR.