Arnaldo Forlani

Arnaldo Forlani ( born December 8, 1925 in Pesaro ) is an Italian politician of the Christian Democracy (DC).

After studying law at the University of Urbino, he made a rapid career within the DC: 1948 Secretary of the DC in the province of Urbino, 1954 Board Member, 1962-1969 first deputy, then from 1969 to 1973 secretary of the Christian Democrats.

Arnaldo Forlani, the first time in 1958 was deputy of the Chamber of Deputies, was several times minister:

From February 1980 to October 1980 he was president of the National Council of the DC. He gave this post on, however, and was for some months ( October 12, 1980 to 26 May 1981) Prime Minister of Italy. With his reign he had to resign after a triggered by the affair of the Masonic lodge P2 transformation of government in the resistance of the then Secretary General of the Partito Socialista Italiano ( PSI), Bettino Craxi failed. In the later government of Craxi ( 1983-1987 ), however, Forlani was Deputy Prime Minister and guaranteed as a representative of the center of DC, the stability of the coalition government.

Arnaldo Forlani 1976 was inferior to Benigno Zaccagnini and 1982 against Ciriaco De Mita in the election for General Secretary of the DC. In the third attempt he succeeded at the Congress of DC on February 22, 1989, was elected secretary general of the Christian Democrats.

From 1989 to 1993 he was a member of the European Parliament.