Arp referred

Places in the United States:

  • Arp (Arkansas ) in Pike County - no longer exists
  • Arp ( Banks County, Georgia )
  • Arp ( Irwin County, Georgia)
  • Arp (Tennessee), in Lauderdale County
  • Arp (Texas), in Smith County

ARP is the name of:

  • ARP GmbH, a subsidiary of Bechtle AG
  • ARP Instruments, a former until 1981 Synthesizer manufacturing company in the United States of America

Arp is the first name of the following person:

  • Arp Schnitger (date of birth unknown; buried 1719), organ builder

Arp is the surname of the following persons:

  • Carl Arp (1867-1913), German painter
  • Erich Arp (1909-1999), German politician
  • Halton Arp (1927-2013), American astronomer
  • Hans Arp ( Jean Arp or Arp only; 1886-1966 ) Dadaist painter, sculptor and poet
  • Hans -Jörn Arp (* 1952), German politician
  • Julius Edgar Arp ( born 1919 ), Brazilian swimmer
  • Philip Arp (1929-1987), Munich cabaret artist and actor
  • Sophie Taeuber -Arp (1889-1943), Swiss artist

ARP or Arp is an abbreviation for:

  • Accordia Research Papers, Journal of the Accordia Research Centre
  • Actin Related Protein, Nucleationspunkt in actin polymerization
  • Address Resolution Protocol, a network protocol
  • Adaptive Routing Protocol, algorithms for routing inter alia, the Internet
  • Advanced Research Program
  • Aerodrome reference point, aerodrome reference point in aviation
  • Aerospace Recommended Practices, aviation standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers
  • AmigaDOS Resource Project, provides advanced BCPL functions of dos.library of AmigaOS 1.3 on C available
  • Anti- Revolutionaire Partij, former political party in the Netherlands
  • Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies ( Arp catalog called ), is an astronomical catalog of photographs of unusual galaxies
  • Axel Rudi Pell, a German hard rock and heavy metal guitarist, and the name of his band
  • Azimuth Reference Pulse, a signal for a radar antenna Richtungsreferenzierung

AR (p ) is a hyper- modified nucleoside and stands for 2'-O- Ribosyladenosin ( phosphate) (O- β - ribosyl (1-2 ' ) adenosine -5-phosphate )

AR-P stands for:

  • Formosa ( province ), ISO -3166 -2 code of the Argentine province of
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