Arthur Charles Miller

Arthur Charles Miller ( born July 8, 1895 in Roslyn, Long Iceland, New York, † July 13, 1970 in Hollywood, California ) was an American cinematographer.

Life and work

His career in film began Arthur C. Miller in 1909 as an assistant cameraman for the short film The True Heart of an Indian. Five years later he was then for the first time working as a cameraman for the film The Perils of Pauline. 1916 turned Miller with New York his first film with director George Fitzmaurice. Your up in the 1920s continued cooperation included a total of 33 films. Their last film together, entitled His Supreme Moment was 1925. Subsequently Miller turned some films of director Paul Sloane, and he worked for the film production company of Cecil B. DeMille. When this was sold to 20th Century Fox, signed Arthur C. Miller in 1932 a contract with this company.

In 1937, Miller made ​​his first film with director John Ford Three years later, Miller incurred for the 1939 film The Rains was first nominated for an Oscar. In 1941 he received his second Oscar nomination the following year Green Was My Valley with the trophy he was finally honored for his contribution to the film. 1943 was followed by a third Oscar nomination for This Above All. In 1944 he won for the film The Song of Bernadette his second Oscar, the third award came in 1947 for Anna and the King of Siam. After the 1951 film The Prowler incurred Miller sat to rest.

In the years 1954 to 1956 he was the president of the American Society of Cinematographers.

Filmography (selection)