The Song of Bernadette (film)

The Song of Bernadette is an American film drama directed by Henry King from the year 1943. As Template on the novel by Franz Werfel served on the life of Saint Bernadette Soubirous.


The sickly girl Bernadette lives mid-19th century in the small French village of Lourdes. One afternoon her siblings let them back on a river, so that they do not catch a cold while crossing. Your appear in a cave a female saints appearance with the invitation to pray the rosary with her. Later she gives her the task to look for a source. Bernadette finds the source - the water appears to have beneficial effects. The villagers fear for the reputation of their town, the church holds first covered. Bernadette is interrogated and to take back their statements, but she remains in her statement to have actually seen apparitions. - As of Lourdes pilgrimage is a great, Bernadette goes into a monastery, there is humiliated by her teacher novices and dies young in bone tuberculosis.


Jennifer Jones is the pseudonym of Phyllis Isley. Under this name, she turned before some movies. She took on the stage name, to be "discovered " for this movie than to apply.

In the film, Bernadette supervisors recognizes least that it was a chosen one with her and regretted her imperious behavior. In fact, they remained in their negative assessment and defied them even after Bernadette's death, her worship as saints.

With $ 2 million, the film was the most expensive production in 1943 for Twentieth Century Fox.

Originally, Linda Darnell, who played the Saints appearance, get the title role, but they then lost to Jennifer Jones. Linda Darnell's name was also not listed in the opening titles.


The filmdienst rated Kings film in his review as " epic broad historical and religious drama " that " the simple piety and the (almost always perceived ) discreteness of the representation " bribe through. Something critical saw the whole of the Protestant movie watchers: "A particularly through the choice of performers around religious earnestness hard-working plant, which are however, appreciated because of the directness of the miracle scenes and perfection to convince even the last skeptics only with reservations can. "