William Perlberg

William Perlberg ( born October 22, 1900 in Łódź, then Russian Empire, now Poland, † October 31, 1968 in Los Angeles ) was an American film producer.


With his mother and his siblings William Perlberg followed in May 1904 his father Israel Perlberg in the United States, where he was a resident since 1903. There Perlberg William worked as a fur trader for his father. His career in show business began Perlberg as an agent of artistic agency William Morris Agency. He then worked as a talent scout and personal assistant to Harry Cohn, head of Columbia Pictures. 1936 produced his first film for Columbia Perlberg, The King Steps Out, in which Josef von Sternberg has directed. It was followed by several other productions for Columbia, including Rouben Mamoulians Golden Boy ( 1939). In 1941 he moved to 20th Century Fox, where he worked for successful films like adventures in the South Seas: was responsible (Son of Fury The Story of Benjamin Blake, 1942) and The Song of Bernadette ( The Song of Bernadette, 1943). For the latter Perlberg received the first of three Academy Award nominations in the category of Best Film. Especially frequently he collaborated with director and screenwriter George Seaton, with whom he eventually founded the production company Perlberg Seaton Productions. Seaton's films The Miracle of Manhattan ( Miracle on 34th Street, 1947), and The Country Girl ( The Country Girl, 1954), which produced Perlberg were also nominated for Best Picture Oscar.

Perlbergs marriage with singer Josephine Brock aka Bobbe Brox, who belonged to the a cappella band The Brox Sisters and he had cared for as an agent as a producer before joining, ended in the 1960s with divorce.

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