Miracle on 34th Street

  • Maureen O'Hara: Doris Walker
  • John Payne: Fred Gailey
  • Edmund Gwenn: Kris Kringle
  • Natalie Wood: Susan Walker
  • Porter Hall: Granville Sawyer
  • Gene Lockhart: Judge Henry X. Harper
  • William Frawley: Charles Halloran
  • Jerome Cowan: Attorney Thomas Mara
  • Philip Tonge: Mr. Shellhammer

The Miracle of Manhattan ( Original title: Miracle on 34th Street; Alternative title The Miracle on 34th Street ) is an American feature film from 1947 1994 was a remake with Richard Attenborough, headed by Les Mayfield. .


A good-natured elderly gentleman named Kris Kringle, nobody knows where he really is, a person is looking for Thanksgivingparade of Macy's. When he found no one suitable, persuaded the parade manager Doris him to do the work themselves. Kringle ensure that, when the parade good work and may therefore the position of the Macy's Santa Claus in the biggest business in the middle of Manhattan take under the supervision of an empty toy goods department manager Shellhammer. He also recommends products from other stores, what the popularity of him and Macy's does not detract. Doris neighbor Fred Gailey takes Doris ' daughter, the rather precocious child of divorce, Susan, with too Kringle. But soon Susan is convinced by Kringles behaviors that he is the real Santa Claus. When Doris requires that Kringle tells Susan that he was not the real Santa Claus, but he claims it, so Doris wants to fire him, but is held by the management thereof. Nevertheless, Shellhammer has already launched the department store doctor Granville Sawywer explains the Kringle crazy and can be posted in a psychiatric hospital.

But in psychiatry, he is considered harmless and Fred and decide Kringle, now heal Doris and Susan of their cynicism and their perfect rationality. In a confrontation with Sawyer there is a fight between him and Kringle. Sawyer does as if his injury heavy and pulls with Kringle in court to prove that he is crazy. Fred supports Kringle as his lawyer. Kringle believes, however, that Doris has betrayed him. Witnesses say in court - such as department store Macy manager - who believe that he is Santa Claus. While Sawyer is soon fired it, but the charge remains. Nevertheless, it creates Fred, most recently with letters which were addressed to Santa Claus and Kris approached, convince the court that Kringle is Santa Claus and is not crazy. Kringle is reconciled with Doris and this is a couple with Fred. Susan believes in Santa Claus.


The film received mostly positive reviews. So praised about Channel 4 film, the film was a " classic Christmas movie with so much empathy that he rather sweetly enchanted to act as placed ". According to Almar Haflidason by the BBC, the film offers a " clever and profound story that inspires confidence and self-assurance makes her statement, and incidentally sprayed considerable charm. " Bosley Crowther of The New York Times proclaimed, The Miracle of Manhattan was "the most refreshing [ .... ] film for a long time and perhaps the best comedy of the year "Even the Protestant movie watchers is full of praise: " a pleasant film to an old gentleman in the role of Santa Claus. Warm -hearted love and hope for a miracle face the cold world of profit, technology and the department stores. "


The film was 1948 Oscars in the categories of Best Supporting Actor ( Edmund Gwenn ), Best Adapted Screenplay ( George Seaton ) and Best Original Story ( Valentine Davies) Award and was nominated for Best Picture. He also received in the same year, two Golden Globe Awards in the categories of Best Supporting Actor ( Edmund Gwenn ) and Best Screenplay ( George Seaton ).

DVD Release

The film is available on DVD since 26 November 2007. This includes the original black and white version as well as a nachkolorierte version.