Asociación Deportiva Carmelita

AD Carmelita is a Costa Rican football club from the El Carmen district of the city of Alajuela in the homonymous province. The club was founded on 20 November 1948. Play their home games, the club is currently in the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto from. So far, Carmelita won the Costa Rican Championship once.


Carmelite club colors are green and red for a long time was the club the name Carmen FC under which they won the championship and the only time.

The special feature of AD Carmelita is that, for a long time play along the small neighborhood association, which has few supporters and hardly well-known sponsors in professional football, which is mainly due to the many years of commitment by Carlos " Cañon " Gonzáles.


On November 20, 1948, some residents of the neighborhood " El Carmen " founded in Alajuela, a small football team to its biggest hobby to pursue. That same year, Manuel Guillén Fernández wrote the team under the name " Colombia " in a district championship one, it was the first time that participated Carmelita in a tournament.

From 1949 Carmelita also took part in official competitions, first you had to, like any newly formed club at the time, incorporated into the third division in the regulated football. After the team had played in the first year under the name of Colombia, she stepped from the season 1950 under the name Asociación Deportiva Carmen.

After six years in the third division finally achieved the fledgling club in 1955, the rise in the second division, just two years later, in 1957, he managed the club also winning the championship title of the second division and first in the top flight, the Primera División de Costa Rica ascend. With the rise of the club changed its name to Carmen FC.

In the first three years of excellence, the district club could hold without any major problems in the first division. In the season of 1961, when five of the eight top division of the FEDEFUTBOL split off and founded their own association, remained Carmen, next to CS Uruguay de Coronado and SG Española FEDEFUTBOL the faithful and won the played between the three clubs championship undefeated. After the season, the national football federation agreed with the " renegade " clubs on a reunion in the next season, the condition of these five clubs, however, was the master of ASOFUTBOL official Costa Rican champion was in 1961 and they are all able to play in the premier league to be allowed. So is that the three clubs who had remained loyal to the FEDEFUTBOL play with the three best clubs in the second division in a relegation round a Erstligastartplatz. The relegation round was won by Uruguay, which El Carmen was relegated despite a first place in the championship of the actual association to the second division. Only after years of protest Carmelita was officially recognized in 1999 with the founding of the UNAFUT -won championship titles of 1961.

After eight years in the second division Carmelita had to compete for a year even in the third division, but returned a moment later in the second back to where they División of the walkover in the Primera de Costa Rica succeeded. The joy lasted only briefly, because after only one year (1983 ) the club had to play back to the second division the aisle.

1991/92 Carmelita managed to return to the top flight, where the district club remained until the end of season 2008/2009. The year before, he was able to achieve really good results while never, but there was always enough for the league.

In the following three years, Carmelita was despite financial problems the team, scored the constant good rankings and finally succeeded to the club in the season 2011/12 to win the runner-up and then in a relegation match against the last player of the first league Orión FC to enforce, so the " Verdolagas " returned again to the excellence.

Especially in recent years owed ​​the financial and infrastructural very weak neighborhood club, which can count on many sponsors not on a huge following yet, its survival in professional football to the commitment of Carlos " Cañon " Gonzales who lived for many years for the club. After this even with other clubs highly respected official, the 2011/12 season the second season and the Invierno 2012 the first division were passed in June 2011 dedicated to him.


  • Primera División de Costa Rica ( 1): 1961


Since this is only a small neighborhood club with Carmelita, the club does not have a stadium. In the Erstligaspielzeiten to Carmelita was looking mostly for one season a place to stay, to second division times they wore their home games but usually in several stages from in the season 2011/ 12, for example in five.

Currently the club plays its home matches at the Estadio Alejandro Morera 21,000 spectators prehensive Soto, owned by the "big" club in the town, LD Alajuelense.

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