At Folsom Prison


  • Vocals, guitar, harmonica: Johnny Cash
  • Guitar: Luther Perkins
  • Bass: Marshall Grant
  • Drums: W. S. Holland
  • Vocals: June Carter
  • Singing: The Carter Family
  • Vocals: Statler Brothers
  • Guitar: Carl Perkins

At Folsom Prison is a live album by Johnny Cash, which was taken on January 13, 1968 in Prison Folsom State Prison in California and launched in May of the same year. In addition to Cash and his Tennessee Three band also his future wife, June Carter and The Carter Family occurred guest musicians were Carl Perkins and the Statler Brothers.

The album took three weeks number one on the U.S. country charts, was represented two and a half years in the U.S. pop charts and sold more than six million copies. 1969 Cash published another album from a detention center, At San Quentin.

More Releases

The album was re-released on CD in 1999. This edition includes three songs more than the original publication from 1968 Busted, Joe Bean and The Legend of John Henry 's Hammer. In addition, the censoring beep noises were removed.

In 2008, the concert was released again in a Legacy edition. Here were two CDs both concerts from January 13, 1968 hearing, which had been cut together for the original album (only two songs from the second show took place on the record use ). In addition to numerous unpublished Cash recordings, both repeated pieces from the second show and two boisterous songs from the first, and the preliminary program with Carl Perkins and the Statler Brothers was taken over without exception. On one belonging to the set DVD also is to see a film about the background of the concert.

Title List ( re-release 1999)

The film Walk the Line

The plot of the published 2005 biographical film about Johnny Cash's life Walk the Line plays mostly during the concert in Folsom. Cash's comment "This show is being recorded for an album release on Columbia Records and you can not say, bright 'or shit ' or anything like that. " ( " This concert will be recorded for an album with Columbia Records, so shall ye not ' hell ' or ' shit ' or to say anything in that direction. " ) is also heard as his remarks about the poor quality of drinking water in prison on the album.

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