At San Quentin


At San Quentin is a live music album by Johnny Cash, which was recorded on 24 February 1969 in the prison of San Quentin State Prison in California. It stayed 20 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and four weeks at # 1 on the pop charts.

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Guest musicians were, as with Cash's last album from prison, At Folsom Prison, again his wife June Carter Cash and the Carter Family, Carl Perkins and the Statler Brothers. In Cash's Tennessee Three backing band was now playing guitar Bob Wootton, as Luther Perkins came in August 1968 in the fire of his house died.


Cash played for the fourth time in San Quentin; the mood of the prisoners who were Cash's audience along with the guards was very emotionally charged. Cash had some songs also played along with his wife, when he announced that he had written a song about his afternoon impressions he had of San Quentin. When he began to sing, silenced the prisoners to break out shortly afterwards in frenetic jubilation. Each line of the song such as " San Quentin, you june red and burn in hell" or "Do you think I'll be different when you're through" has been acknowledged with loud comments and interjections. Cash also presented for the first time the Silverstein hit A Boy Named Sue in full length, the single was also a No. 1 hit. At the final medley all the musicians involved were together again on the stage.

Asked by Ralph J. Gleason, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine, why cash is so popular among the detainees, said one of the prisoners, Cash is real and who is a " false Fuffziger " the prisoners would immediately notice. Cash in turn, said backstage at Gleason: " Prisoners are the best audience in the world."


The album was re-released on CD in 2000, this edition includes nine songs more than the original publication from 1969, also are uncut and uncensored listen to all announcements of cash.

Title List ( Re-Release 2000)

2006 saw the publication "Legacy Edition", which also includes a DVD with the recording of the British television station " Granada Television " besides the complete 100 -minute concert on CD, in the interviews with prisoners and guards are shown. The recording was in 1969 initially not broadcast because of Cash's socially critical statements.

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At San Quentin was also awarded the CMA Award for best album of the year 1969.

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