Audiograbber is a software for digital ripping and converting of audio signals. Author Jackie Franck was previously responsible for the programming of the AudioCatalyst of RealNetworks.

The award-winning program was initially marketed as shareware, since February 2004 but it is offered as freeware.


Audiograbber is primarily used to read audio CDs, a process known as digital audio extraction, and is therefore a CD - Ripper. The extracted audio data can be encoded in formats such as WAV, WMA or Vorbis and stored on the hard disk. Furthermore, any additional external encoder can be integrated, which has a command-line functionality. For example, it is also possible to use the widespread LAME codec with Audiograbber to create high quality MP3 files. The enclosed Fraunhofer MP3 encoder, however, can be used for licensing reasons only in very low bit rates.

Audiograbber dominated normalizing the volume, writing ID3 tags without using Unicode under the optional use of a freedb, the reading of CD-Text and karaoke CDs, removing silence passages in song titles and calculating a checksum. A recording function also allows the reading of analog recordings such as records or cassette. While experienced users with a variety of further options is available, beginners can fall back to the default settings automatically selected.

The program offers user guides in various languages ​​, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Other languages ​​can be installed. Two German -speaking beginners guides in PDF format are supplied with Audiograbber.

The installation of Audiograbber does not make any deep intervention in the operating system.