August Gottlieb Richter

August Gottlieb Richter ( born April 13, 1742 in Zoerbig; † July 23, 1812 in Göttingen) was a surgeon and author.


Richter grew up in a Protestant rectory and began in 1760 at the University of Göttingen to study medicine. Academic teacher was his uncle Georg Gottlob Richter, who at that time held the chair of medicine there. After receiving his doctorate in 1764 he went on a two-year study trip that took him to important places to study medicine such as Paris, London, Oxford, Leiden, Amsterdam and Groningen. There he made ​​the acquaintance of the famous doctors like Jean Louis Petit (1674-1750) and Percivall pot. After returning judge was offered an associate professorship in Göttingen, in 1771 he received a full professorship. His research interests were medical and surgical surgery and ophthalmology.

It is consistent earnings judge, who have the time awarded more craft-oriented training of surgeons a scientific basis. An important contribution to this were a number of publications, among which the seven-volume " rudiments of Wundarzneykunst " (1782 - 1804), the two-volume "Treatise of the fractures " (1777 - 1779) and the " Treatise of Ausziehung cataract " ( 1773) have outstanding importance. For these services he was honored by the Albertus University of Königsberg: On the construction of the Surgical Clinic ( 1847 ), the so-called " Red House " ( 1883 Medical University Hospital ), was a Scudelle of judges and another by the surgeon Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach (1792 - 1847) attached. The old university building has survived the war. The Scudellen most probably derived from Rudolf Siemering. Richter was also one of the earliest papers leaves, a magazine for a medical specialty that out. The 1771-1797 published in Göttingen and Gotha "Surgical library " were mainly German surgeons an overview of the course of a year, published, including foreign literature in their field. Contemporaries praised Judge straightforward writing style, which separated him from many of his contemporary colleagues. As an empiricist and practical man, he reduced the rich tools of surgeons on essential tools, which he also added another with the knee bent scissors.

In 1780 he opened in Göttingen a surgical clinic with 15 beds, the so-called " Masonic hospital," and in the same year, physician to the Hanoverian King. Richter was next to the Würzburg professor Carl Caspar von Siebold the leading surgeon of his time. Among his pupils included Christoph William hoof and Karl Gustav Himly. His nephew is the botanist Georg Ludwig Koeler.

Richter was a member of the Göttingen Masonic Lodge Augusta at the three flames, and at times the master of the chair.



  • Rudiments of Wundarzneykunst (1782-1804)
  • Treatise of the fractures ( 1777-1779 ). Digitized Volume 1 and Volume 2
  • Treatise of Ausziehung of cataract (1773 ). Digitalisat


  • Surgical Library (1771-1797)