AUM Fidelity

AUM Fidelity is an American jazz and indie rock record label that was founded in Brooklyn in 1997.

The label was founded by Steven Joerg, a former employee of the label Homestead Records. The label name is derived partly from the Charles Mingus album Mingus Ah Um. It is the music of musicians of the American free jazz devoted, as published on AUM Fidelity albums by Daniel Carter, Joe Morris, Roy Nathanson, William Parker, Reuben Radding, Matthew Shipp and David S. Ware, as well as music of avant-garde rock bands like Shrimp Boat. AUM Fidelity also distributes independent label Case Quarter, High Two and Riti.

Selected albums

  • Joe Morris: A Cloud of Black Birds ( 1998)
  • Other Dimensions in Music: Time Is of the Essence Is Beyond Time (1997, with William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Roy Campbell, Rashid Bakr, Daniel Carter )
  • William Parker: The Peach Orchard (1998)