Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station

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The Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station ( ADSCs ), or also called Kojarena station, is an Australian institution for national security. It is located at Kojarena, 30 km east of Geraldton, Western Australia. It is part of the network ECHELON. It monitors communications that take place via satellite.

According to British investigative journalist and surveillance expert Duncan Campbell is among the top destinations of the station " Japanese diplomatic and commercial messages, all kind of news from and to North Korea as well as information on Indian and Pakistani nuclear weapons developments. "

In 2001, the European Parliament has determined that the Echelon network, which includes the station Geraldton ( ADSCs ) belongs, is used for interception of private and commercial communications.

The Sydney Morning Herald named Geraldton / Kojarena as one of four monitoring devices in Australia next to Pine Gap, Shoal Bay and HMAS Harman, which use the software XKeyscore to collect data for the NSA.