Awa stands for:

  • Awá ( Guajá ), indigenous people in the northeast of the Brazilian state of Maranhão, which is also known as Guajá
  • Awá ( Kwaiker ), indigenous people in south-west Colombia and northwestern Ecuador
  • Awa ( Tokushima ), a town in the Japanese prefecture of Tokushima
  • Awa -gun ( Chiba ), the district in Chiba Prefecture
  • Awashima ( Kagawa ), an island of the Japanese Kagawa Prefecture
  • Awashima ( Niigata ), an island of the Japanese prefecture of Niigata
  • Awashima ( Shizuoka ), an island of the Japanese Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Iarakia Awa indigenous people in Papua New Guinea
  • Awa ( Chiba ) Province, former Japanese province in Kantō, today in Chiba Prefecture
  • Awa ( Tokushima ) Province, former Japanese province on Shikoku, today in the prefecture of Tokushima

Awa is the surname of the following persons:

  • Mohamed Selim El- Awa ( born 1942 ), Egyptian constitutional lawyer
  • Pius Suh Awa (1930-2014), Cameroonian minister, Bishop Emeritus of Buéa
  • Zomou Awa (born 1967 ), Ivorian Women's Handball

AWA is an abbreviation for:

  • Waste Management District and the City of Aachen GmbH, headquartered in Eschweiler
  • Allensbacher Market and Advertising Analysis
  • General Wehrmacht Office 1938 / 39-1945 Office Group General Wehrmacht Office in the OKW
  • Initial value problem in mathematics
  • American Wrestling Association, wrestling federation in the U.S.
  • Office of Economic and Employment in Switzerland
  • Institution for the preservation of performing and reproduction rights in the field of music, the former counterpart to GEMA in the GDR
  • Working Group Western European labor movement, one from 1976 to 1980 Euros existing communist group
  • Weesen- Amden, transport business for the municipality Amden
  • AWA Foreign Trade Academy

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