Bagrationi dynasty

The Georgian Bagratides (Georgian ბაგრატიონი, Bagrationi ) is a Georgian royal dynasty. They are the longest-reigning royal family in the Caucasus. They began as a princely house and acquired in the 9th century in Georgia royal status. A possible common origin with the Armenian Bagratides is controversial.

The Georgian Bagratides were dethroned in 1801 initially in Kartli - Kakheti and Imereti in 1810 by the Russian Tsar, but exist to this day nominally Royal House of Georgia on.


The origin of the Georgian Bagratides dynasty and the time of their occurrence in Georgia is controversial. According to western scientists considered that Georgian Bagratides from 722 to Iberia (modern eastern Georgia ) Prince Vasak fled from the Armenian Bagratides dynasty descended from. He was the son of the Armenian ruler Ashot III. His son Adarnase to have been awarded by the Georgian King of hereditary property in Klardscheti and Samtskhe. Adarnases son Ashot I 've finally won the Principality of Iberia and founded the last royal dynasty of Georgia.

The Georgian Bagratides created their own ancestry legend. She denied any connection with the Armenian Bagratides and was derived from King David ago. They further alleged Guaram Kuropalat I. ( 575-590 ) of the dynasty of Chosroiden was the first Georgian Bagratidenherrscher. For centuries, the history this representation has made a habit. Meanwhile, the biblical origin of the Georgian dynasty is no longer maintained. However, various Georgian scientists maintain unchanged the view that Guaram was founder of the Georgian dynasty.

The Georgian Bagratides ruled intermittently at first as Kuropalate, since 809 as kings. Among the rulers of Abkhazia and Georgia appear several rulers named Bagrat, such as Bagrat III. on.

In Kartli - Kakheti ( Eastern Georgia today ) the Bagratides were dethroned in 1801 by the Russian Tsar Paul I.. Heir to the throne David Batonischwili was brought out of the country. His successors were Russian nobility status. Russian commander Pyotr Ivanovich Bagration, who fought in the wars of liberation against Napoleon, was descended from this line. In Imereti (now West Georgia) Bagratides still prevailed until its conquest by Russia 1810. Was there last ruler Solomon II ( 1789-1810 ).

Head of the Royal House

After the invasion of the Red Army in Georgia in 1921 emigrated many members of the Bagratidenfamilie. While still living descendants of the last king of Georgia, Irakli Bagration 1942 proclaimed himself Mukhrani, descendant of a subordinate branch of the family, as the head of the royal house and founded the Union of Georgian Traditionalists. Today, the family Bagration Mukhrani lives in Rome. The present, recognized by Georgia head of the house is David Bagration - Mukhrani (Spanish David de Bagration y de Mouchrani Zornoza ), who was born in Madrid in 1976 and now lives in Georgia. In 2003 he moved his residence to Tbilisi and has since dual citizenship.

According to the prevailing opinion, however, is Nugzar Bagration Grusinski, director of Tumanischwili Theatre in Tbilisi, since 1984 the head of the oldest patrilineal descendant of Kartli - Kakheti 's last king, Giorgi XII. The descendants of the imeretischen Bagratides line have confirmed this claim in 2007.

On February 8, 2009 married David Bagration - Mukhrani Anna Bagration - Grusinski, the eldest daughter of his rival to the Georgian throne, Nugzar Bagration Grusinski. The marriage united the Grusinski and the Mukhrani branches of the Georgian Bagratides Dynasty.