Banshee (media player)

Banshee ( an Irish Banshee ) is a cross-platform media player. It is distributed under the MIT license and is thus free software. The development focuses primarily on Unix-like operating systems, now there are experimental ports for Windows and Mac OS.

Banshee is to be found in the repositories of many Linux distributions. Since version 11:04, it was the standard software for media playback on Ubuntu, but has been replaced again with version 12:04.


The software is programmed in C # and also based on the Mono runtime environment and GTK for graphical user interface. To decode GStreamer is used as the back-end; as a database for the cataloging of audio and video files SQLite is employed.


The first release of 17 February 2005 ( version 0.1 ) running under the name " Sonance ". Version 0.8.2 of August 4 was the current name. Version 1.0 was released on June 5, 2008, for which the software was written from scratch.

Since version 1.4, 10 November 2008 Banshee can be compiled for Windows operating systems.

In scheduled for April 2011 completion Version 11:04 of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu Banshee entered as the default audio player in the place of Rhythmbox ( the actual standard of work environment you are using GNOME). In Ubuntu 12.04, however, was again Rhythmbox the default player.

In the meantime, have contributed to the project over 140 developers, 111 translators, and six graphic designers, which was initiated by Aaron back over. There are various derivatives such as "Helix Banshee "; by the lack of a copyleft condition in the license used as well as proprietary " Moovida ".


For tidying their own media collection is an integrated tag editor ready and to have the possibility to rename files automatically according to the metadata. The user can evaluate elements of his collection so that they are preferred in " smart playlists " less popular elements. Songs can be analyzed for their speed down, after which the Auto-DJ function in the random mode stringing together similar sounding songs and thus maintains a relatively constant musical mood. Other functions such as the automatic loading of covers from the Internet, the fine tuning of the acoustic means equalizer or subscribe to podcasts dominated Banshee also. Many functions are implemented as plug-ins, so that the user can remove unneeded program elements throughout.

Particular attention is paid to the compatibility with hardware media players like Apple iPod, Zen and Android devices. So Banshee supports the individual protocols of the devices.