Barry Gibb

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, CBE ( born September 1, 1946 in Douglas, Isle of Man) is a British composer and music producer and former singer and guitarist of the music group Bee Gees.


The Gibb family came from the Isle of Man. Barry Gibbs mother was a singer, while his father ran a small orchestra. The family first moved to Manchester and then emigrated to Redcliffe (Queensland ) near Brisbane, Australia from. There Barry Gibb founded in 1958 along with his brothers, the twins Robin and Maurice, the Bee Gees. The mid-1960s, the family moved back to Britain, as they promised there is greater opportunities in their musical career. Still on the droppers ship towards the UK were told that they had achieved a number-one ranking in Australia.

As a member of the Bee Gees Barry played guitar and was in most of the hits of the group to hear as the lead singer. He was also active outside of the Bee Gees. So he wrote and produced very successful albums for superstars like Barbra Streisand ( Guilty - Guilty Pleasures 1980 - 2005). He was also active as a duet partner for other artists, such as for the title track of the album by Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker (1982 ), Diana Ross Eaten Alive (1985 ), with the chart toppers Chain Reaction, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Islands in the Stream (1983) and Céline Dion Immortality (1997). Characteristic of his singing style since the 1970s is the high falsetto voice.

Barry Gibb produced all the albums of his youngest brother Andy Gibb, and served as a producer for a total of 16 number-one hits of the Bee Gees and other artists, among others, the artist Barbra Streisand ( Woman in Love ), Frankie Valli ( Grease), Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton ( Islands in the stream) and Diana Ross ( Chain Reaction ). So Barry Gibb is the third most successful British record producer. He produced most British number one hits. The song Morning of My Life, written by the Bee Gees, 1967 's biggest hit of the duo Esther & Abi Ofarim in Germany.

Barry Gibb released two solo albums: Now Voyager (1984) and the soundtrack to Hawks - The Hawks (1988 ), a film starring Timothy Dalton. His album project The Kid's No Good in 1970 but was never released.

Since 1970, Gibb is married to Linda Ann Gray. The two have five children.

In January 2006, Gibb purchased the house in which we have 35 years lived and worked for Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash. The house in Hendersonville near Nashville wanted to use the family stuff as a summer home. While it has been restored, it burned on 10 April 2007 from previously unknown causes down completely.

Barry Gibb has lived for 30 years in Miami.


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