Batea (mythology)

Bateia ( gr Βάτεια ) or Batieia ( gr Βατίεια ) is a personage of Greek mythology.

In the Libraries of Apollodorus, she is the daughter of the Trojan King Teucer, granddaughter of the nymph Idaia and wife of Dardanus. After Stephanos of Byzantium, she was the daughter of Teucer or of Tros, the wife of Dardanus and by him the mother of Erichthonius and Ilus. In Tzetzes it is called as the sister of the Scamander. Scamander is at Tzetzes father of Teucer and Idaia.

According to Arrian, the city was named Bateia in Troas to her.

Bateia was also the name of a hill in front of the gate of Troy skaiischen between the rivers Scamander and Simoeis on which the Trojans lined up for battle. According to Homer, the hill was called by the gods of the time jump practiced Myrine .. Because of Beiwortes Myrine Bateia was described by Strabo as an Amazon.