South side of the Battert with Battertfelsen before Oberrheinebene

The Battert is a 567.9 m above sea level. NHN high mountain on the western edge of the Black Forest, north of Baden -Baden. The ruined castle is located on its western slope Hohenbaden (Old Palace ), on the south side the climbing area and nature reserve, the Battertfelsen. On the ridge there are still remains of a ring wall presumably of Celtic settlers. On the east side is the Baden-Baden upper borough of Ebersteinburg.

Throughout the year, the Battert is a destination for hikers and climbers who attempt to climb the 15-55 m high Battertfelsen. Below and above the rock wall is a walking path around the rocks. The red rock wall is visible and easily accessible from the road to ruin Hohenbaden or across a parking lot at Ebersteinburg.


The Battertfelsen consist of approximately horizontally layered sedimentary rocks of the Oberrotweil prone. This arose before about 299-251 million years ago. In contrast to the surroundings, the stones of the Battertfelses were silicified along a line extending in an east-west direction fault zone in front of about 35 million years ago. The rock was more resistant to erosion by these silicification and therefore stands out as a prominent rock wall.


The rocks, especially the rock walls that house ravens and peregrine falcons.

Climbing area Battertfelsen

Awareness of the Battert as climbing area owes Baden -Baden Wilhelm Paulcke, the first climbing routes opened in 1885 on Battert. Since then, a variety of light to heavy routes has been committed. From II to IX, and more.

On October 24, 1964 crashed Toni Kinshofer, who first had the Diamir face of Nanga Parbat and climbed the Eiger North Face in winter, on Battert from and died shortly afterwards from his injuries.

Climbing routes

  • Kuhkamin (III ), 1885
  • Torture fireplace ( IV to V - ), 1885
  • Paulckeweg (III ), Wilhelm Paulcke 1890
  • Bockgrat (IV ), first climbed in 1905
  • Age Pforzheimer way ( IV ), 1925 Walter Stößer
  • New Pforzheimer way (VI ), by Walter Stößer
  • Wasps edge ( V), by Walter Stößer
  • New Falkenwand ( VII ) 1945 by Martin Schliessler
  • Kühn edge ( VI ), Reinhard Karl and Kurt Jägel
  • Südostverschneidung ( VII ), Martin Schliessler and Kurt Jägel


Castle ruins Hohenbaden

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