Beipan River

River network of the Pearl River ( Zhu Jiang)

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The river Beipan Jiang (Chinese北 盘 江, pinyin Beipanjiang ) originates at the western foot of Maxiong Shan马 雄 山Xuanwei in southwest China's Yunnan Province, flow through the circuit Wangmo, Guizhou Province and joins the Nanpan Jiang南 盘 江for Hong Shui He红 水河, the left tributary of the West River (Xi Jiang西江). One of its tributaries is the famous Huangguoshu waterfall. The main stream of Beipan Jiang has a length of 444 km, its catchment area is 26,600 square kilometers. It flows through a limestone area with many underground excavations.

Since 2008 or 2010, he is dammed in the Guangzhao Dam and Dongqing Dam.

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