Belgian International Air Services

Belgian International Air Services ( BIAS) was a Belgian airline, conducted by international charter flights and freight transport. Furthermore, the company leased its machines to other airlines. The company hired its own flight operations in the spring of 1973 and then remained active in the leasing business. The leasing company was dissolved in 1980.


The Antwerp-based charter airline Belgian International Air Services ( BIAS) was established on 1 July 1959 by entrepreneur Charles Van Antwerp. The first aircraft of the company was a Douglas DC- fourth The operation was admitted on July 7, 1959, a charter flight from Antwerp to London -Gatwick. In December 1959, acquired BIAS another Douglas DC- fourth The two aircraft were transferred in 1961 to the Republic of Congo and used there in the long term, among other things on behalf of the UN and Air Congo. In addition, the Republic of Congo, a Douglas DC-4 used in 1965 as a government plane. In March 1963 BIAS leased its first Douglas DC-6 of the Belgian airline Sabena. Until the mid- 1960s, the company introduced four more aircraft of this type in service. Belgian International Air Services used the machine for occasional services (Ad -hoc charter) and freight transport within Europe. At times, the aircraft were leased to other companies, among others, the Swiss Balair.

In July of 1965 Belgian International Air Services acquired an equity interests in the Libyan Libyan National Airways ( linair ) and seven machines of the type Douglas DC- 3, which had previously operated for Sabena linair. These aircraft were long-term lease to the Libyan subsidiary and began in the cargo charter for the oil industry. Moreover, the company leased a 1967 De Havilland Dove and from 1968 a Fokker F- 27 at the linair.

As of August 28, 1967 scheduled flights were made on behalf of Sabena with a De Havilland Heron between Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Starting in 1968, began the company machines Fokker F-27 for Sabena. In March 1971, the jet of the Sud Aviation Caravelle type was acquired by United Airlines to provide charter flights for holiday travelers. In the same year, the last BIAS -occupied propeller aircraft out of service. In early 1972 Belgian International Air Services was acquired by the Belgian shipping company Compagnie Maritime Belge Group and changed its name to International BIAS. The company continued in 1972 two Douglas DC-8 from the holdings of the KLM under the new company name on tourist charter flights to the Mediterranean in the summer season. In February 1973, the Compagnie Maritime Belge also participated in the Delta Air Transport (DAT ) and put the responsibilities of the two subsidiaries established new. While Delta Air transport remained as an airline, BIAS International was converted to a leasing company. In spring 1973, the company her remaining two Douglas DC-8 came from the DAT and hired their own flight operations.

After the adjustment of flight operations, the Company remained as leasing companies exist, but acquired in the aftermath of any new aircraft. Between 1974 and 1976, the company operated under the name BIAS Overseas. The lease agreements with Sabena and the Libyan linair ran from the mid- 1970s. Following the company has a Fokker F-27 rent for five years at the French regional airline Air Alpes. After this agreement, the Company was dissolved in 1980.


  • On February 18, 1966 Douglas DC-6B (OO -ABG ) crashed on landing at the airport of Milan Malpensa. At the time of the accident ruled poor visibility conditions. Launched in Brussels machine was loaded with 214 calves. The four occupants died in the accident.
  • On March 28, 1969, the suspension of a Douglas DC-3 broke (OO - SBH ) at a landing in the Libyan desert. Due to the amount of damage the aircraft was written off as a total loss. The 17 people on board were unharmed.

Used aircraft

  • Cessna 310
  • De Havilland Dove
  • De Havilland Heron
  • Douglas DC -3 and C -47
  • Douglas DC-4
  • Douglas DC -6A and DC-6B
  • Douglas DC- 8-32 (1972 bis 1973 operated under the name BIAS International)
  • Fokker F-27