Belmopan on the map of Belize

Belmopan is the capital of the Central American state of Belize ( British Honduras until 1972 ) and has about 17,000 inhabitants. The name Belmopan is a concept of art and has been from the words Belize and Mopan composed ( a local river). Belmopans city was founded on August 1, 1970.


Belmopan is located east of the river Belize at 17 ° 15 'north latitude and 88 ° 46 ' west longitude at an altitude of 76 meters above sea level. The city is located in the Cayo District, about 80 km further inland than the location on the coast of the Gulf of Honduras former capital Belize City, which was completed on October 31, 1961 largely destroyed by Hurricane Hattie.

In 1965 the final decision was taken to build a new capital to a safer place, and in 1970 the seat of government of British Honduras was moved to Belmopan. The government buildings were inspired by the classic Maya architecture in the modern style. Originally 40,000 residents were provided for the planned capital city, due to the location and the hot and humid climate, the city today has only about 17,000 inhabitants. Most major companies and organizations as well as most embassies are still located in Belize City.

In Belmopan is also the University of Belize. Popular destinations for points far from Belmopan are the Guanacaste National Park and the Belize Zoo. From Belmopan from among other tours are organized into the important archeological findings Place cave Actun Tunichil Muknal.


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