Berg Lake


The Mountain Lake is a glacial lake in Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia. It is located in 1628 meters and is powered by the Robson Glacier, the Glacier Mountain and Mist Glacier. Across the lake towers over the almost vertical, over 2300 meters high north-west side of Mount Robson. The lake was named 1907 after the icebergs (English iceberg ), which calved from the glaciers in the lake, Iceberg Lake. Later, the name was abbreviated in Mountain Lake. From the visitor center of the provincial parks of the 22 kilometer mountain Lake Trail leads to the lake. The trail follows the Robson River, leads only to Kinney Lake and on through the Valley of the Thousand Falls along numerous waterfalls. The largest waterfall on the way are the Emperor Falls, which plunge 46 feet deep in a wide, free fall.