Mount Robson

South side without fog


Mount Robson is with 3954 m the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and after Mount Waddington is the second highest mountain in British Columbia. The mountain is located in the Continental Ranges, there in the Rainbow Range, a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains, which is bounded on the south by the headwaters of the Fraser River. Presumably, the mountain in the 19th century was named after Colin Robertsen, a fur trader of the Hudson's Bay Company. Other unofficial name for this mountain are: Cloud Cap Mountain, Snow Cap Mountain or the Shuswap name Yuh -hai -has- kun, what The Mountain of the Spiral Road means. The first ascent of the mountain was made in 1913, the same year, as was the surrounding mountain Mount Robson Provincial Park was founded.

There is no easy walk routes that lead to the summit, so that only a handful of climbers every year to reach this goal. In addition, the ascent is usually affected by weather conditions. The south side of the mountain is clearly visible from the Yellowhead Highway from.

Who first climbed Mount Robson, could not yet be clarified. Come into consideration an expedition in 1909 by George Kinney and Donald Phillips and a participated from 1913, at the William Wasbrough Foster, Conrad Cain and Albert MacCarthy. They arrived on 31 July 1913 peak.