The Beronen (Spanish: Berones ) were a prehistoric Iron Age tribe, who immigrated according to Strabo, in the context of the Celtic migration together with the Autrigonen the 3rd and 2nd century BC in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. The name is also mentioned by the ancient historians Ptolemy and Livy as well as in the body of Caesar's writings.

Settlement area

The settlement area of Beronen on the upper reaches of the Ebro coincided broadly with the limits of the present province of La Rioja. Major cities or larger settlements were found Strabo Libia ( Leiva or Herramélluri ) Tricium Metallum ( Tricio ) and Miscellaneous ( the modern city of Logroño), which is called the capital. The settlement area of Beronen bordered to the south east of Autrigonen; the Río Tirón and the Río Oja seem to have formed in about the border. But guesses go as meaning that the Beronen in the hot and dry summer months with their cattle in the higher mountain regions covered ( transhumance ), so that one can speak only with limitations of a permanent sedentary.

Roman invasion

Autrigonen and Beronen be under the leadership of the renegade commander Quintus Sertorius known as an opponent of the Roman invaders in the 70s of the first century BC. The names of both strains appear after defeating a posted by Sulla army in 72 BC in ancient historiography no longer occurs, leading some researchers have concluded that the population of both strains may have been led into slavery.