Bieke (Bigge)


The Bieke is an almost 4.4 km long, right-sided or eastern tributary of the Bigge or Biggesee in the district of Olpe, North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany ).


The Bieke arises and passes in the middle of the nature reserve Ebbegebirge. Your source is located in the forest area " Olper city forest " about 1.7 km north-east of Griesemert, a north-eastern district of Olpe, or about 1.2 km west- southwest of the mountain top of the red stone ( 582.2 m above sea level. NN ). It is located at about 493 m above sea level. NN directly on the main road 55

The predominantly westward extending Bieke fed into its headwaters section several fish ponds and then it goes through Siedenstein, a north - northeastern district of Olpe. A little further north of this village opens from the east approach a fluent Negroes.

At the confluence of the Negro Bieke bends to the west to about 450 m further down- stream in the coming Olper hamlet Kessenhammer from east to 307.5 m above sea level. NN to terminate in the carrying out of the Bigge Bigge. While her creek bed is now awash with full back by the water of the reservoir, the Bieke flowed earlier still about 1.3 km until they einmündete at Bigge river kilometer 19.45.