Boulouparis is a municipality in the southern province in New Caledonia.

The municipality is located mostly on the main island of Grande Terre, but also other small islands off the coast belong to it. The distance to Noumea is 73 km, the international La Tontouta airport is 28 km away.

With its area of ​​nearly 900 km2 Boulouparis is one of the largest floor area municipalities in France, but settled extremely thin with two inhabitants per square kilometer.

Districts of in Bouloupari: Boulouparis ( main town ), Bouraké, Gilles, Kouerga, Nassirah, netea, Ouaméni, Ouinané, Ouitchambo, Tomo.

The highest point is Mont Saint -Vincent with 1,441 m.



Boulouparis was founded in 1868 as a military base. 1878 there was a revolt in which nearly 30 settlers were killed, among them were three telegraph operators. On it is a memorial plaque at the post office.

Economic and sights

Boulouparis is the center of an agriculturally relatively intensively used area. Among other things, pumpkins are grown, which are exported to Japan. Riverside Ouenghi is the most important fish breeding station of New Caledonia. In the vicinity of the place also deer and shrimp are grown. Every year is celebrated in May in the city of a special festival, which is dedicated to the deer and shrimp. Boulouparis has schools, town hall, church and shopping. The small harbor is located several kilometers away from the town center, as Boulouparis not located directly on the sea.

Near the village is situated on a peninsula of the famous beach Plage Bouraké which is popular due to its sheltered location and its wealth of fish with surfers and divers. From here, trips to the small offshore island Ilot Tenia offered, around which a marine nature reserve was established.