Le Mont-Dore (New Caledonia)

Le Mont -Dore is a village in the southern province in New Caledonia.

Le Mont -Dore is the second largest city in New Caledonia and the center of an integrated municipality ( commune ). It is geographically very extensive and is mostly on the main island of Grande Terre, but also other small islands off the coast, such as the Ile Ouen belong to. Mont -Dore is a young city. It was created in 1970 by merging the towns of La Capture, La Conception (? ), La Coulee, Mont- Dore ( the main town ), Ouara ( Nouvelle Caledonia ), Plum ( Nouvelle Caledonia ), Prony ( Nouvelle Caledonia ) and Saint -Louis ( Nouvelle Caledonia ). It is immediately adjacent to the capital city of Noumea and thus belongs in part to the Greater Nouméa.



  • The most important attraction of the city is built in 1874 Pilgrimage Church Eglise de la Conception, which stands on the site of a mission station established in 1855. Every year there is a pilgrimage here at Assumption. On the dome of the square bell tower is a highly visible statue of 2.80 m height, which was designed after the model of the Church of Notre- Dame de Fourvière in Lyon. The facade of the much-visited church was remodeled in 1893.
  • Another worth visiting church was built in 1860 in Saint- Louis, a 6 km further east outlying village of Le Mont- Dore. Here is a mission station was established in 1856, one in 1859 moved to the site of the present church. The church with its red tin roof is also visible from afar to ensure they are well received around the buildings of the former mission station.
  • In the center of Le Mont -Dore, which is formed in the district Boulari, the town hall is located ( Mairie ), whose architecture is largely inspired by the colonial style. An outbuilding was built in the traditional Melanesian style, with a roof of palm leaves and an oval ground plan and with carved totem poles.
  • In addition to the Town Hall, the Place des Accords was created - a great, free and open to the sea place with a memorial for the victims of the two world wars. The marina adjoined the place next to him the system of a city park is planned.
  • Also in the center of LeMont -Dore rises the modern cultural center (Centre Culturel ), located next to the there are extensive sports facilities. To the cultural center around a small park was created, are in the carved totem poles in traditional style, but sculptures are remarkable in a more modern, the traditional art of the Melanesians -inspired style.


To the east of the city, the 772m high Mont Dore, from which you can enjoy a nice view of the small offshore islands Bailly and Charron rises. Located on the picturesque Baie de Monea is the district of Plum.