Bourton-on -the-Water is a village in the county of Gloucestershire ( County) in England in the Cotswolds area.


Bourton-on -the-Water is a wide flat valley in the Cotswolds, a so-called area of ​​outstanding natural beauty. In 2009 there were an estimated 3300 inhabitants in the municipality. This makes it exceed by terms of population, the nearby market town of Stow -on-the - Wold and Burford significantly. The place is known for its picturesque High Street, which is surrounded by wide green areas and pulled the barely knee-deep in the village river Windrush River. About the River Windrush running several narrow, loose railings arch bridges. These have the place to his nickname " Venice of the Cotswolds " helped. The parish is bounded on the northwest by the Fosse Way ( a Roman road ), while the eastern border by several bodies of water, the Slaughter creek and the rivers Dikler and Windrush, is formed. The southern border is connected to a water course, which stretches between Bourton Hill and Broadwater Bottom.


Earliest evidence for human occupation within the area of Bourton -on- the-Water has been found in the so-called Slaughter Bridge pebble field where Neolithic sherds dating from about 4000 years BC. been found. Further excavations at the so-called Salmonsbury Camp provided evidence of an almost continuous colonization of the area during the Neolithic, the Bronze Age and the Roman occupation of England, which lasted 43-410. Ancient Roman pottery and coins have been found in the village itself, prove beyond doubt the extensive Roman settlement of this area. In the 11th century a church was built. Despite the long history of settlement but come almost all currently existing building from the 17th century. As a building material was the characteristic yellow Cotswold stone. Characteristic architectural details such as hervorkragende gables, archways, windows with stone bars and rain deflectors and rain deflectors stone above the doors give the place a picturesque appearance. 117 buildings of the town are the list of the English National Heritage at (status II and higher). The small historic center of Bourton-on -the-Water was determined, along with other areas along River Windrush to the "protected area " ( Conservation Area ) of the United Kingdom.

Salmonsbury Camp, a nearby settlement in the Iron Age, was declared a National Monument.

Tourist attractions

  • Medieval football game where the goal posts are placed in the river Windrush and it also comes in addition to the achievement of a maximum number of gates, to inject the enemy as much as possible wet. The spectators cheer the players on the river shore.
  • The miniature village ( engl. The Model Village ) is a 1:9 replica of the village. It contains, as part of the exhibition, the reduced representation of the miniature village itself (model in the model). Locally-based artisans who built the miniature world opened in 1937.
  • A model railway
  • The " Cotswold Motorists Museum " (location of the British television series for children Brum ), which was founded in 1978 by the collector Mike Cavanagh; since 1999 held by the charitable Civil Service Motoring Association.
  • " Birdland", a theme park, the various birds, such as parrots, penguins and passerines, and a trout pond, the fish can be fed shows. There are birds of prey demonstrations and public Penguin feedings, which can be supervised by visitors.
  • The Dragonfly Maze Maze
  • On every fourth Sunday of the month a farmers' market takes place.


Long-distance hiking trails and local trails have beginning or end in Bourton-on -the-Water or pass through the town. One such, the Heart of England Way ( Heart of England Way ), extends 100 miles north and starts here. The Roman road Fosse -way passes near Bourton-on- the-water.


  • Primary school (Primary School)
  • Cotswold School ( comprehensive school - so-called co -educational comprehensive school ).


From the village, the actor Wilfrid Hyde-White was born ( 1903-1991 ).


River Windrush

River Windrush

Church in the miniature village

Residential buildings in the miniature village

Residential buildings in the miniature village