BP (disambiguation)

BP is an abbreviation for

  • Air Botswana, national airline and flag carrier of Botswana, based in Gaborone after the IATA code
  • Notes on the Children's and Household Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Johannes Bolte and Georg Polivka
  • On fiscal audit, see external audit
  • Base pair
  • Basic Horse Pass customer, a basic badge in equestrian
  • Base point
  • Bavaria Party, a regional party that is active exclusively in the Free State of Bavaria
  • Before Present, age in different usages
  • Accelerated passenger train, a train type the Deutsche Reichsbahn
  • A brand of garment factory Bierbaum - Proenen
  • Bisphosphonates are administered as medicines for osteoporosis ( bone loss ), they inhibit the activity of osteoclasts, which break down bone
  • Black Prophecy, an action- oriented space massively multiplayer online role - playing game in the FPS style
  • Bletchley Park, Manor in the English town of Bletchley, which was the headquarters of the British code breakers during World War II and is now a museum
  • Blood pressure (English for blood pressure)
  • Ground points, see acreage
  • Boulevard périphérique, a ring road in the French capital Paris
  • Chemical symbol for boron phosphide
  • BP (formerly British Petroleum ), energy company
  • Broken Pekoe, see Teeglossar
  • Buckingham Palace, official residence of the British monarch in London
  • The Hungarian acronym for Budapest (usually bps)
  • Buffer pool in a DB2 database
  • President
  • Business Plan
  • German Federal Post Office, symbol BP on cable Note stones and German license plate to 1997

BP as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Bhutan: Private Vehicles
  • Bulgaria: Oblast Vratsa
  • Germany: Federal Police ( Germany )
  • Greece: Attica, kept free for future approvals
  • UK: Birmingham
  • Montenegro: Bijelo Polje
  • Netherlands: Trucks weighing more than 3.5 tonnes
  • Norway: Asker and Bærum in the province of Akershus
  • Austria: Federal Police ( Austria )
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Guatemala
  • Serbia: Backa Palanka
  • Hungary: Bus of Budapest Transport Company

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