Brahman (cattle)

Brahman is a representative of the zebu (Bos primigenius indicus) and was grown from 1900 in the southern United States. It was not until 1933 an appreciable number was introduced to Australia. This breed of cattle is particularly the tropical hot regions of the world adapted and insect resistant.

The result is the zebu from ancient Indian Zebuschlägen, such as the

  • Kankrej or Guzerat (frame)
  • Nellore or Ongole ( resistance to disease )
  • Krishna Valley ( breeding the British colonial rulers in India, color)
  • Gir

The most light to medium gray, but also red to black subscribed Brahman bulls reach a height at the withers of 150 cm and a live weight of 950-1250 kg, while the cows between 500 kg and 750 kg vary. In addition to the characteristic bumps are typical of the Brahman, the dewlap and the large hanging ears.

Red Brahman, Texas

Brahman bulls, Tipperary Station, Northern Territory, Australia