British Museum tube station

British Museum is a closed London Underground station. It is located on the Central Line between today's stations Holborn and Tottenham Court Road. The entrance, named after the British Museum station was located at the intersection of High Holborn and New Oxford Street.


The Central London Railway ( predecessor company of Central Line ) opened the station on 30 June 1900 during the commissioning of the track banking Shepherd's Bush. The station building was Harry Bell Measures designed. During this time the individual lines were still operated by competing companies and so it turned out that the different lines were in fact had stations in the immediate vicinity, but they were not interconnected. To transfer you had to basically go to street level.

Even before the merging of the individual companies London Passenger Transport Board was at a reconstruction of the station British Museum. The possibility of an underground connecting tunnel was considered, but the idea failed because of the complexity of tunneling between two stations and the long footpath (at that time did not think about it at belts). The station Holborn was better positioned than the British Museum, because there were also improved connections to the tram. So the decision was made to build additional platforms of the Central Line at Holborn. The British Museum station was closed on 24 September 1933 the new platforms at Holborn took over the business on the following day.

The Ministry of Defence took the now closed for the passenger transport station until the 1960s for administrative purposes and as an emergency command post. Today, they can not be entered after the demolition of aboveground station building in 1989. The platforms that are still visible from the passing trains from, be used as a storage space for sleepers.

Pictures of British Museum tube station