Broughshane (Irish Bruach Sheáin ) is a village in the Borough of Ballymena in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. It is located about 5 kilometers north-east of Ballymena on the A42. At the Census 2001 population was determined by 2364 people for Broughshane. Of these, 4.9% were Roman Catholic, while 93.5 % had a Protestant background.

Broughshane is also known as the Garden Village of Ulster, winner of Ulster in Bloom, Britain in Bloom as well as of Europe in Bloom competition.

It was the home of the ancestors of Sir George Stuart White, the hero of the siege of Ladysmith, for which a monument was erected at the local church square.

According to legend, Saint Patrick has cursed the city, as none of the residents wanted to help him escape from the mountain Slemish in which he was held as a slave.

The Dolmen

Ticloy (also called " The Stone House " called ) is probably a highly disturbed mix between a court and a portal tomb. It is located in Broughshane on the southern slope of the Ticloy Hill with views across the Braid River Valley.

Pictures of Broughshane