Buddy McGirt

Buddy McGirt ( born January 17, 1964 in Brentwood in the U.S. state of New York as James McGirt Walter ) is a former boxer and current boxing trainer.


He managed 54 wins and 6 losses.


Managed and trained by the Italian-American Al Certo, the U.S. press and politicians nachsagten Mafia contacts, In 1982 he became a professional. With classic Stick and Move lock boxes he won after a draw in his debut next 28 fights until he met in 1986 on another undefeated as a professional amateur star Frankie Warren and was ausgepunktet.

Two years later, on 14 February 1988, he won the rematch against Warren for the vacant IBF light welterweight title by knockout. He defended the title with a first-round knockout against the '76 Olympic gold medalist Howard Davis, who turned out to be a huge disappointment in professional boxing. His next title defense took place in September 1988 again against an Olympic champion instead: Meldrick Taylor, gold medalist at featherweight the '84er games. Taylor did what journalists referred to later as the greatest performance of his career, beating McGirt 1988 KO.

With point wins over Tony Baltazar and the eventual winners Gary Jacobs he reached again in 1989 occurs. He moved to the welterweight division and won on November 29, 1991 against Simon Brown the WBC title in this weight class. He defended the belt in Italy against another Olympic champion (1980) and former world champion, Patrizio Oliva, who had previously lost in 58 fights only once, convincingly on points. Oliva then ended his career.

On March 6, 1993, he lost his title to Pernell Whitaker, lightweight Olympic champion in 1984. He was plagued at the time of great discomfort in the left shoulder and could no longer use the left hook. The following year, he lost to Whitaker for a second time, but this time had him with a straight right to the floor.

However, McGirt was not symptom-free and finally heard in 1997.


After his playing days he became a coach. He trains especially Antonio Tarver and Arturo Gatti, but worked temporarily with Lamon Brewster and since 2006 with Audley Harrison.


His son James McGirt Jr. is also a professional boxer, but a southpaw at super middleweight.