C. C. Catch

CC Catch ( born July 31, 1964 in Oss, Netherlands as Caroline Catharina Müller ) is a Dutch- German Euro Disco singer.


Caroline Müller was born on July 31, 1964 in the Netherlands Oss to the world. In 1979 she moved with her family to frets, where he attended high school and then began an apprenticeship as a seamstress.

Her father recognized early on its potential as a singer and is still her manager. Caroline Müller took, first under the pseudonym Carol Dean at several talent competitions and was a short time later a member of the German girl group Best, which was produced by Peter Kent and from Claudia Stürzenbecher, Sylvia Frötschel, Caroline Müller and Sabine Lürenbaum, the 1983 Miss Osnabrück had been existed. Two singles were released: He was magnetic, and The Good -Bye. In 1985, she was at a talent contest near Hamburg, where she participated with her band, discovered by the German composer and music producer Dieter Bohlen. Together created Müller and planks artist name CC Catch, the two Cs stand for the two first names and Caroline Catharina.

In September 1985, their debut single was released I can lose my heart tonight and became an international success. CC Catch and planks worked together successfully until 1988 and then diverged in a dispute. So then sprung up among other things, a long name right conflict around the stage name " C. C. Catch ", the Dieter Bohlen claimed for himself. Ultimately, this was awarded by court order of the artist.

CC Catch moved to England and worked with various producers, including Andy Taylor, together. In the fall of 1989, the Single Big Time appeared. In early 1990, followed by the album Hear What I Say and the single Midnight Hour.

At the beginning of the 1990s CC Catch worked on a project by Peter Gabriel, which spawned the song Harmonix. This was released in 1993 on the album Way Down Below Buffalo Hell by Jam Nation. In 1998 she returned to Germany, the single Megamix '98 brought out and appeared in the television show Top of the Pops.

2003 reached their single Shake Your Head 2003, the Top 12 on the Billboard charts in Spain and became a summer hit in the south of Europe. In 2004, CC Catch on the ProSieben show comeback - The big opportunity part. For this show, the single and the album Survivor United comeback revealed on the participating artists such as CC Catch, Limahl, Chris Norman, Benjamin Boyce, Coolio, Jazzy of Tic Tac Toe, Haddaway, Emilia and the Weather Girls contributed several songs. In the same year, she performed the opening act on the U.S. tour of the pop duo Modern Talking.

In September 2010, the single Unborn Love, a collaboration with the Spanish music producer Juan Martinez appeared.

CC Catch announced in late 2011 that she will end her run in 2012 her career as a singer.


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