Carlo Karges

Carlo Karges ( born July 31, 1951 in Hamburg, † January 30, 2002 ) was a German musician who was best known as the guitarist and songwriter for the band Nena.

Karges was raised by his single mother in Hamburg. He began as a student to play the guitar and compose songs. Having live experiences in various local bands such as hamburgers Tomorrows 's Gift and Release Music Orchestra collected, he belonged in 1971 as guitarist and keyboardist of the founding members of Novalis, for he who hears laughing butterflies among other things wrote the text of the play. In 1975 he left the band again. In the following years he played with the bands Ramblers, Else Nabu band and Desperado. In 1980 he replaced at Extrabreit the retired Piet Worth man playing the guitar.

In 1981 he got out at Extrabreit to the Berlin band " Bleibtreu Revue" to connect with the he recorded that produced by Edo Zanki album " monster paranoia " ( Intercord, fried egg, INT 145 630 ), they also as a composer and lyricist collaborated and 1981 went on an extended tour. In the course of which he met Gabriele " Nena " Kerner in Hagen know and founded with her ​​new band Nena. Karges was co-author of Nena hits 99 balloons? (Question mark), and somehow, somewhere, sometime. Save me and full moon were texted by him and composed.

On August 31, 1985 Karges opened in Berlin in a musician - cafe called "Cafe Carlo", which closed in September again in 1986 due to the unfavorable position.

After the dissolution of the band Nena mid-1987 Karges initially established the band Café Carlo and then played in bands such as filling service and La Vida; he stuck but commercially unsuccessful.

1989, there was a split between Karges and Nena, as it was in the magazine Quick published an open letter to Nena after the death of her first son.

In 1994, he headed then, after his reconciliation with Nena in the previous year, as a songwriter again two titles ( Before your door and I am love ) to their solo album And all about with him on two other songs he has been involved as a co -author. Likewise Karges has been involved as a copywriter at the ZDF - soundtrack album Nena and the bamboo bear band ( 1996).

Most recently, he played in the cover band Time Bandits and at the same time TAXI.

Carlo Karges died on 30 January 2002 in Eppendorf of liver failure. He was buried on 15 February 2002 in Hamburg in the cemetery Ohlsdorf.