Carlos Henrique Casimiro (usually only briefly Case Miro, born February 23, 1992 São José dos Campos ) is a Brazilian football player who is under contract at Real Madrid.



At the age of eleven, Case Miro left his native city of São José dos Campos and was admitted to the youth department of FC São Paulo. He went through the various youth teams and was in every age group captain of his team. With the U-15 team, he won the state championship in 2007 São Paulo and in 2010 with the U-18 team to the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior, a statewide Junior Cup.

Since 2010, Case Miro was a member of the first team from São Paulo. On July 25, 2010, he made ​​his debut in the 0-1 defeat against FC Santos in the Liga do Brasil. In just his third appearance on 15 August 2010, he scored in the 2-2 draw against Cruzeiro, his first goal. In 2012 he won with his club in the Copa Sudamericana.

End of January 2013 Case Miro was awarded División until the end of the season 2012/13 on the second team of the Spanish club Real Madrid in the Segunda. On April 20, 2013 Case Miro made ​​his debut under coach Jose Mourinho División for the first team in La Liga against Real Betis. After the season, Real Madrid made ​​a purchase option, Case took Miro a four-year contract and carried him into the senior squad.


Case Miro participated with the Brazilian selection in the U- 17 World Cup 2009. It was used only once and Brazil already retired from after the first round. In the U-17 South American Championship Brazil made ​​it better and won the title.

2011 Case Miro won the title at the U-20 South American Championship. In eight games during the tournament he scored three goals and stretched at the end of the tournament due to an injury of captain Bruno Uvini -budgetary the trophy first in the air. Also at the U- 20 World Cup 2011 belonged Case Miro squad. It was used in all seven games of Brazil and won after a 3-2 victory nV about Portugal and the world title of the U-20 juniors.

On 15 September 2011 Case Miro made ​​his debut in the Brazilian national team. In the 0-0 draw in a friendly against Argentina, he came on in the 87th minute. From 2012 he played regularly in the Seleção.


Case Miro is very versatile. He mainly acts as a defensive midfielder, but can also be used in the offensive or defensive.



  • U- 20 World Cup: 2011
  • U-20 South American champions: 2011
  • U-17 South American champions: 2009


  • Copa Sudamericana: 2012