Cassiber was a German -British avant rock band that existed between 1982 and 1992 and with the musicians wanted to find " a new aesthetic for the 1980s ". They intervened " to quote scraps of jazz, punk, rock and contemporary music and try to blow up all these directions in the core. " The band name alludes to the secret message on.


In August 1982, the three other, Goebbels and Harth, who had worked as a saxophonist in Frankfurt Linksradikalem band, with Chris Cutler was hit studio into an eleven-day improvisation session in the Swiss Sunrise; the idea was to form a small band with which she could reach a different audience. Approach Cassiber had to improvise complete pieces that were not written in the musical language of free jazz, but recognizable melodic and rhythmic structures contained, even if they have to leave. After a " frustrating afternoon " in the studio recording the first five days have been completely discarded. However, enough material was created for a double LP. On 1st October, the band performed at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival; this " startled the quartet " Cassiber " a part of the audience from the hall of the old opera house, tore the other part, to thunderous applause. "

In the next few years, the band played at many festivals in Europe, but also occurred in Asia, Brazil and North America. 1983 and 1984, there were collaborations with other bands such as Duck and Cover and Cassix. After Harth 1986 left the group, they continued to work as a trio and took by Chris Cutler " a different approach to composition: more elaborate and dramatic "; for individual concerts brought the trio guest soloists. Cassiber gave one last concert on 13 December 1992, Lisbon.


Fred Frith rated the music as follows: " collisions of raw punk energy and free-jazz passion at the time were not uncommon, but to combine with samples and beats, with turned songwriting, moreover, in a combination of influences from Eisler to Prince and Robert Wyatt, in a performance of sheer virtuosity, which was stunning, especially when it was on top of that spent as a political action. "


  • Man or Monkey? (1982, 2xLP, risky, Germany CD Recommended Records, UK)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1984, LP, Risky, Germany LP, CD Recommended Records, UK)
  • Perfect Worlds (1986, LP, Recommended Records, UK)
  • The Way It Was (1986-1989, CD, Recommended Records, UK; ed. 2012)
  • A Face We All Know (1990, CD, Recommended Records, UK)
  • Live in Tokyo (1992, 2xCD, Recommended Records, UK)
  • The Cassiber Box (1992-1992, 6 CDs DVD, Recommended Records, UK; ed. 2013)