Catherine of Mecklenburg

Catherine of Mecklenburg, (* 1487, † June 6, 1561 in Torgau ) Duchess of Saxony, was the daughter of Duke Magnus von Mecklenburg. They married on July 6, 1512 the Duke Henry the Pious of Saxony in Freiberg. The couple had six children:

  • Sibylle (1515-1592)
  • Aemilia (1516-1591)
  • Sidonie (1518-1575)
  • Moritz (1521-1553), Elector of Saxony
  • Severinus (1522-1533)
  • August (1526-1586), Elector of Saxony

Catherine sympathized with Martin Luther's early teachings, while her husband for fear of his brother, the reigning Duke George, to 1536 suppressed the Reformation. Later the Freiberg area became Lutheran.

Duke George tried to bribe Catherine, she answered the messengers: ". , This ye be to me a big favor, so soon forsake your Freiberg " in 1539, after the death of Duke George, the couple moved to Dresden and led here by the Reformation. Duke Henry died on 18 August 1541 Catherine lived another 20 years at Castle Wolkenstein. It issued in 1560 a woman room ok for her ladies, which is culturally and historically very interesting.