Chaiyaphum (also Ban Luang or Jayabhumi, Thai ชัยภูมิ ) is a city ( เทศบาล เมือง ชัยภูมิ ) in the Thai province of Chaiyaphum. It is the capital of the district ( Amphoe ) Mueang Chaiyaphum Chaiyaphum province and in the northeast region of Thailand, Isan.

The town has 37,408 inhabitants Chaiyaphum (as of 2012).


Chaiyaphum is located on the edge of the Khorat Plateau, about 340 kilometers northeast of the capital Bangkok.


Economic importance and

Economic development is not here yet so far advanced as in Khon Kaen or Nakhon Ratchasima ( Khorat ). People build here mainly fruits and vegetables, which they offer in the local market.


The place was already since the earliest days of Sukhothai's a way station for the Khmer and Laotian troops. Maybe that's why a hospital was located here in the 12th century. Later, she was subject to the local Principality of Nakhon Ratchasima. The commander Phraya Phakdi Chumphon broke away from this domination and surrendered the city (then called Ban Luang ) in 1824 the king Nang Klao (Rama III. ). In gratitude, he became the first head of the renamed Chaiyaphum city. As short time later, the Laotians made ​​an attack on Bangkok, turned them alongside other also Phraya Phakdi Chumphon contrary. The Laotians were repulsed, however, a residual could take the weakly defended Chaiyaphum. In the subsequent battles Phraya Chumphon was killed.


  • Statue of Phraya Phakdi Chumphon - the statue stands on the site of his assassination by Laotian troops.
  • Prang Ku - the oldest religious building in the city, is a sandstone building with an ancient Buddha statue. It was used as a hospital since the 12th century.