Chanthaburi F.C.

The Chanthaburi FC is a Thai professional football club from Chanthaburi, a city in the eastern part of central Thailand. Ert plays in the Thai Premier League Division 1 The home games are played in the stadium Chanthaburi.

Club history

The club was founded probably by the year 2006 is not clear in what league, the club played in 2004.. In the statistics, there are also a team from Chanthaburi, which in 1984 reached the final of the Cup. There is no need to clarify whether this is the same club. The 2006 season but the club played in the Thailand Provincial League, finishing in 8th place. The Provincial League, which was operated by the Thai Sports Association SAT, the club left for the 2007 season and moved to the Thailand Division 1 League. This league is under the Thai Football Association. After a 4th place in the 2007 season, you could almost confirm the placement in 2008 with a fifth place. With 13 points behind the third place had nothing to do with the rise.

Logo History

Club logo 2009

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