Chris Gardocki

Christopher Allen Gardocki ( born February 7, 1970 in Stone Mountain, Georgia ) is an American former American football player. He is considered one of the best punter in the history of the National Football League ( NFL).

Playing career


Gardocki received a scholarship from Clemson University from Clemson, South Carolina, where he played with their football team the Clemson Tigers. It was used as a punter and kicker. During his career at college, he never missed a point after touchdown ( extra point after a touchdown ), but turned all the possibilities. 107 points he scored by field goals. After his third year he left a year earlier than planned in 1990, the College. Nevertheless, he is considered one of the best football players of all time who has ever studied at Clemson University.

Professional time

In 1991 he was chosen by the Chicago Bears a team from the NFL to 78 place in the third round of the 1991 NFL Draft. For a kicker / punter this was exceptionally early. Usually, these types of players are obliged later. The early election was a sign of the extraordinary abilities Gardockis. Gardocki came in the NFL but only as a punter for use. In 1994 he moved to the Indianapolis Colts and then in 1999 moved to the Cleveland Browns. For the Browns, he also had a negative experience. In a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers he was tackled unclean by an opposing player and injuring yourself. His opponent Joey Porter has been locked and Gardocki had to pay $ 5,000 penalty. He had over the opponent's head coach Bill Cowher made ​​an insulting gesture in front of television cameras. Amazing thing was that Gardocki was 2004-2006 when the Steelers under contract after he had fulfilled his contract with the Browns. Bill Cowher was at this time still coach in Pittsburgh. With the Steelers winning the Super Bowl XL against the team of the Seattle Seahawks with 21:10. Gardocki came in this game, used several times. He succeeded again and again keep the other team from its own end zone with long punts. 2007 Gardocki was dismissed by the Steelers.

Gardocki has achieved an extraordinary statistic. None of his made ​​in the regular Season 1177 punts was blocked by the adversary. He scored with his punts a space gain of 50336 yards. His career average was during his career at 42.8 yards per punt. In his best year, 2000, he had an average of 45.5 yards.


1996 Gardocki played in the Pro Bowl, the final game of the best players of the season. He was elected twice to the All Pro.

After the career

Gardocki has been married to a lawyer and has a son. His wife wrote a book about her experiences as a woman player. Both are socially engaged and support various charitable organizations.