Christian August of Saxe-Zeitz

Duke Christian August of Saxe- Zeitz ( born October 9, 1666 Moritzburg Castle in Zeitz; † August 23, 1725 in Regensburg ) was Archbishop of Gran


The son of Duke Moritz of Saxony- Zeitz and Dorothea Maria of Saxe- Weimar was a knight in the Teutonic Knights, in 1693 converted to Catholicism and became provost of Cologne ( 1696-1725 ), Bishop of Raab ( 1696-1725 ) and on 17 May 1706 Cardinal by Clement XI ..

In order to become king of Poland, had transgressed Augustus the Strong to the Roman Catholic faith. Christian August taught him secretly in this belief, and on June 1, 1697 entered August in the Catholic Court Orchestra Baden near Vienna secretly, then in German - Piekar ( Upper Silesia ) publicly, solemnly to the Roman Catholic faith in which he the prescribed Apostolic creed before his cousin Christian August took off. About the conversion took place August the Strong Christian August presented a certificate that has been certified by the papal Internuncio.

Bishop Christian August 1707 Archbishop of Esztergom (Gran ) and thus the Cardinal Primate of Hungary (as Keresztély Ágost called ). In 1714 he and his successors were collected as Archbishop of Granzum princes. On the occasion of the victory over the Turks at Belgrade in 1717 organized Christian August, Representative of Charles VI. the Reichstag, at the instigation of the Emperor a magnificent feast. To feast on October 26, loaded in the Knight's Hall of St. Emmeram.

Christian August dressed as imperial principal commissioner at the Perpetual Imperial Diet at Regensburg the office of a deputy of the emperor. He died on 23 August 1725th