Claudinei da Silva

Claudinei da Silva ( Claudinei Quirino da Silva, born November 19, 1970 in Lençóis Paulista, State of São Paulo ) is a former Brazilian sprinter, especially in the 200 - meter dash and as a member of the Brazilian 4 x 100 -meter Season was successful.

Sporting successes

At the World Athletics Championships in Gothenburg in 1995, he took over 200 m fifth in 20.40 s in 1997 at the World Championships in Athens, he won the bronze medal over the same distance in 20.26 s

1999 was the most successful year of his career. At the Pan American Games in Winnipeg, he won gold medals in the 200 - meter dash and the 4 x 100 - meter relay and bronze in the 100 -meter run. At the World Athletics Championships in Seville, he reached the 200 m silver medal in 20.00 s Together with Raphael de Oliveira, Édson Ribeiro and André da Silva, he finished the season with the bronze medal and improved the South American record in the meantime to 38.05 s

At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney he won the silver medal together with Vicente de Lima, Édson Ribeiro and André da Silva. The season improved the Brazilian national record to 37.90 s Claudinei da Silva also appeared in the 200 -meter run, finishing in 20.28 s sixth.

He also won three medals in the 200 -meter run ( gold in 1997, silver in 1995 and 2003) and two gold medals in the relay (1997 and 1999) at South American Championship. Furthermore, he was seven times Brazilian champion, four times over 200 m (1996, 1998-2000) and three times in the 100 -meter run (1998-1999, 2001).


Da Silva is 1,85 m tall and weighed about 82 kg competition times.