Copper Falls State Park



The Copper Falls State Park is a 12.4 km ² State Park. It is located about 3 km northeast of Mellen in Ashland County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin and is accessible via the Wisconsin Highway 169. The master plan of 1975, annual admissions were led by 208,000 persons for the park.

The state park was established in 1929. The largest share of the infrastructure was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Projects Administration in the 1930s, including the network of roads, bridges, huts and covered picnic areas. A flood caused major damage in 1946, two suspension bridges and a swimming beach along with bathhouse were destroyed. In addition to a loop trail through the recreation area and the North Country National Scenic Trail crosses from North Dakota to New York the terrain. The paths can be driven on the seasonal cycle or ski and snowmobile.

The park is drained by the Bad River and Tyler Forks, thereby forming the rapids and waterfalls such as the 9m high Brownstone Falls and the 6m high Copper Falls. Here, over the millennia have been exposed by the erosion of whitewater several geological layers in the canyons, including sandstone, lava, granite and ancient sedimentary soils bygone oceans.