CPC is an abbreviation for:

  • Canada Postal Code, see postal code ( Canada )
  • Canadian Pacific Air Lines, ICAO code of the former Canadian airline
  • Central Product Classification, a classification of the United Nations
  • Centro Português de Cinema, a Portuguese film collective
  • Cetylpyridinium chloride, a disinfectant
  • City - Pier - City Loop, a half marathon in The Hague, see CPC Loop Den Haag
  • Colour Personal Computer, see Amstrad CPC
  • Coloured People's Congress, a former organization in South Africa, see South African Coloured People's Organisation
  • Comes Palatinus Caesareus, Imperial Hofpfalzgraf
  • Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communist Party
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrator, a device for radiation concentration, see Nonimaging Optic # history
  • Condensation Particle Counter, an optical measuring device, see condensation particle counter
  • Conservative Party of Canada, Conservative Party of Canada see
  • Cooperative Patent Classification, a classification system for European and U.S. patents
  • Cost per click, a term from the online marketing see affiliate marketing # Pay per Click
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