Crimean People's Republic

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The People's Republic of Crimea ( Crimean Tatar Qırım Halq Cumhuriyeti ) was a short-lived country in Eastern Europe, was established on the Crimean peninsula in the present-day Ukraine and joined in part also the hinterland with a.

It existed between December 1917 and February 23, 1918 The Republic was the first successful (albeit short-lived ) trial in the Islamic world to establish a sovereign state, which was both a secular and democratic.; similar to the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and Turkey under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, but both were later established. The creation of the state was a result of the breakup of the Russian Empire following the Russian Revolution of October 1917.


The main religion of the state ( not the official state religion ) was the Sunni Islam, the official language was Crimean Tatar. The People's Republic of Crimea was declared by an initiative of the Qurultay ( People's Assembly ) of the Crimean Tatars, which stipulierte the equality of all ethnicities within the peninsula; However, in the meantime, most people resident Slavs: About 42 percent at the time were Russians, 11 percent Ukrainians, in addition, there were also Armenians, Greeks and Ponto Krimdeutsche. This was the result of the policy of Russification of the Russian Empire, the settlement of Russians and Ukrainians, as well as the expulsion of the Turkish-speaking, Crimean Tatar, pursued elements.

Although the Crimean Tatars represented only a third of the population, they were still the dominant population group within the political and cultural life of the state. So, from past experience, they instituted a Tatarisierung the rest of the population. Noman Çelebicihan was the first president of the nascent Republic.

Political system

The Qurultay was in opposition to the Bolsheviks and published a Krimtatarisches Basic Law, which convened a Constituent Assembly throughout the Crimea. They also established a Board of Directors as a provisional government and established a Council of National Representatives as a provisional parliament.


Religious flag of the Crimean Tatars, 1917-1918