CSKA Ice Palace

HK CSKA Moscow ( KHL, since 1991) Sdjuschor Moscow ( junior )

The CSKA Eisportpalast (Russian Ледовый Дворец Спорта ЦСКА; Ledowy Dworez sporta CSKA ) is an ice rink in the Russian capital Moscow. It is the home of the ice hockey department of CSKA Moscow, the HK CSKA Moscow.

The hall offers 5,600 spectators and opened in 1991. 2006, the building complex to another ice surface was expanded, which is used as a training hall. In addition, users have two gyms available.

With the Metro, the ice rink on the station Aeroport (Russian Аеропорт ) is to achieve the Samoskworezkaja Line (Russian Замоскворецкая ).